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RAF 100 2018

Aquila is proud to be sponsoring a number of events during 2018 as our customer celebrates its 100th anniversary.

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RAF Tri Team Annual Tug of War 2018

Aquila is sponsoring the RAF teams in the annual Tri Service Tug of War. 

There are a number of male and female RAF tug of war teams competing against colleagues in both the Army and Navy in different heats of the tug of war all over the country. 

Expedition Shining Endeavour 2017

Aquila proudly sponsored Expedition Shining Endeavour 2017.

As the School of Air Operations Control and the School of Air Battlespace Management combined forces under the Defence College of Airspace Control, they sent staff from both schools to the Himalayas in what was the ultimate test of teamwork and cohesion. The challenge was to climb Mera Peak, and the goal, to create joint experiences, cooperation and collaboration between 2 very different schools. Aquila was proud to be the sole sponsor of this expedition –entitled Expedition Shining Endeavour.

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Located in the heart of Nepal, Mera Peak stands at 6476m. To climb it is the equivalent of going to FL210 (21,000 feet) with no additional oxygen supply. The team took 20 days to arrive at the peak and reached the summit on Armistice Day. They became the highest British military personnel on the planet to be observing the 2-minute silence!

The arrival of the team in the Himalayan Town of Lukla marked the official end of the descent where the group, exhausted but elated, celebrated their epic mission with a well-deserved Yak Steak and chips!


RAF Family Days

Each year Aquila provides support to the RAF base family days, we co-supported the Family Day at RAF Shawbury in August 2017.  It was a very special year for Shawbury as it marked their 100th year in operation.  The day started with a series air displays including parachute display and a by-pass from the Red Arrows, lots of activities for the children and ended with a Centenary Hanger Dance with live music.

Please contact: Christopher.trippick@aquila-atms.com for further information about our corporate sponsorship and events.