Aquila’s Solution

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Aquila has designed an innovative technical and support solution.  The 22 year programme comprises two elements, a managed service contract and a 6 year asset delivery programme.

Transformed Service Model

In the past the MOD support services were arranged site-by-site and managed by mixed industry / MOD maintainers. 

Aquila is responsible to provide Aquila Services to support the Military operations at over 100 sites across the globe.

Aquila is introducing:

  • One single service and support contract providing 15 Technical Services including Communication, Navigation and Surveillance systems, Approach Aids, Training and Deployable capabilities.
  • A regional support model managed by Aquila Regional Operations Managers, Regional Maintainers, Service Centre and Third Line Support.
  • The latest equipment that can be centrally controlled and monitored.
  • Centralised Air Traffic Control - The ability to combine approach rooms for the larger airfields which will provide services to local "satellite" airfields.
  • A dedicated technical 24/7 service desk.
  • Deliver Air Traffic Control (ATC) services at six airfields using NATS Air Traffic Controllers.
  • Operator and Maintainer training services.

Asset Delivery Programme

Aquila is implementing a £400m Asset Delivery programme to replace some existing systems with modern technology.  This programme will enable Aquila to meet legislative compliance whilst maintaining safe military operations at all times.  The Asset Delivery Programme will provide:

  • The latest (communications, navigation and surveillance) equipment with modern radar data processing and displays, and touchscreen interfaces.

  • The introduction of Wide Area Multilateration (WAM), a surveillance technology which offers larger coverage areas.

  • Upgrades to certain existing equipment.
  • Airfield Simulators and support for the Central Air Traffic Control School (CATCS).