Aquila brings expertise to deliver Project Marshall.

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Aquila Air Traffic Management Services

Aquila Air Traffic Management Services (ATMS) was formed in 2014 as a joint venture between National Air Traffic Services (NATS), air navigation services specialist and Thales, the primary supplier of equipment and services for UK Air Traffic Management (ATM). 

Aquila was awarded the £1.5 billion Project Marshall contract by the MOD in 2014.  The programme will provide military terminal Air Traffic Management (ATM) capability which ensures that all flights are safely and efficiently managed and sequenced for take-off and landing.

The Project Marshall contract has 2 characteristics:

A 6 year Asset Delivery programme - will deliver new radios, tower equipment, training simulators, navigational aids and radars.  The programme will also introduce the Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) surveillance system to the UK military.

A 22 year Service Delivery requirement - Aquila will provide services to support the military operations at over 100 sites across the globe.

Aquila will deliver Project Marshall by providing:

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  • Ground ATM support and services for MOD UK airfields (UK, overseas and deployable).
  • The latest ATM (communications, navigation and surveillance) equipment.
  • Centralised services through ATM cluster and satellite hubs.
  • Next generation maintenance support services using remote and mobile technology.
  • ATC operators at six of the airfields (military operators continue to provide ATC at other sites).
  • Synthetic training systems.
  • Operator and Maintainer training services.

The Teams

Aquila is working in partnership with DE&S and its customer The Royal Air Force as one team delivering Project Marshall.

Aquila ATMS has over 200 highly skilled staff who are based regionally across the UK on MOD sites, within our Service Centre in Swanwick or located at our head office in Whiteley, near Southampton.

The Asset Delivery programme is being managed by a team of experts from both NATS and Thales.  This unique team work collaboratively with Aquila and share the office environment at Whiteley. 


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